Syllabus: SQL

HEAD START Discover the world of databases and SQL with our student-friendly course, specially designed for middle school and high school students aged 12-16.

  • Lessons: 20 classes
  • Duration: 8-10 weeks
  • Recommended Age: 12-16

Course Overview: Our SQL course introduces students to the fundamentals of Structured Query Language (SQL) and the exciting realm of databases. Whether you're a budding data enthusiast or simply curious about the power of databases, this course will make SQL easy to grasp and enjoyable to learn.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn SQL basics to retrieve, manipulate, and analyze data.
  • Dive into hands-on activities with user-friendly interfaces.
  • Apply your knowledge to real-world scenarios and fun projects.
  • Receive guidance and support from our dedicated instructors.
  • Develop a solid foundation in database management and data querying.

Join us on a journey to become SQL-savvy, where you'll explore databases, run queries, and build a strong foundation in data management—all while having a great time!

Learning Map

  1. SQL Basics
    1. Simple Query
    2. Data Types
  2. SQL Functions
    1. Filtering (WHERE clause)
    2. Aggregating functions (GROUP BY)
    3. Ordering (ORDER BY)
  3. Database creation
    1. Create Database
    2. Create Table
    3. Add row to table
  4. Complex Queries
    1. Joins
    2. nested queries
    3. advanced aggregation functions