Video Editor who Can Code | YC Backed Startup

Video Editor who Can Code | YC Backed Startup

A senior video editor is preferred for the role, however open for entry-level and internships. - Available as a full-time and part-time role.

The role

Create social media content that showcases the coding projects our students create in class. This will involve taking coding projects and turning them into videos/gifs/static images that will be shared on social media. Here are a few examples:

More specifically students use p5js to create these projects, if you can code in p5js that will be a HUGE BONUS.

Must have skills - only apply if you are proficient in the following.

  • Video editing.
  • Ability to code in JavaScript, up to a first-year university level (You should know what classes are)

Nice to have skills - not needed to apply but will help.

  • Strong copywriting
  • Social media experience

Why you should apply:

🌍 Fully remote company with flexible hours, you don’t have to work Monday 9-5 work any day and at any time.

🧑‍💻 Join a company on the cutting edge of education; we are the first company to be teaching math through code.

🧑‍🎨 Shaping the brand of a mission-driven, early-stage edtech start-up

🫂 Working with a diverse team from countries like Singapore. India, South Africa, and the Philippines

We will hire you if

  • You create high-quality video content.
  • You're passionate about education.
  • You learn new things quickly and have a growth mindset.
  • You can use words to efficiently explain concepts and persuade prospective customers to try Strive.
  • Take initiative on your own ideas

To apply

  1. Fill in our application form (5-10 minutes)
  2. Trial project - create a video ad using a p5js sketch
  3. Long interview
  4. Final decision

About Strive:

Strive Math (YC S21) teaches grade 4-10 math through code via live 1-1 classes. Students code games like Pong/Pacman and in the process, they cement math topics taught in school.

In the real world, engineers and financial analysts use code to solve problems, yet in school, students are learning math the same way it was taught 100 years ago. Not only do schools teach an outdated syllabus but they also teach it in such a way that sucks the joy and creativity out of education. With being overly focused on maximizing test scores through rote learning, students grow to hate math or at worst grow up thinking they are stupid - “I’m just not a math person”.  Math is not just crunching numbers and solving equations, it’s a language to think critically about the world and solve problems.

When expressing math through code, dry numbers jump out from the page into dynamic works of 3D art.  You can get immediate feedback, change one number, and the whole output changes instantaneously, enabling students to play with math. With code students fundamentally change their relationship to math while learning the skills needed to thrive in the job market of the future. Strive empowers students to be joyful first principles thinkers who will solve the most prominent problems of the 21st century.