UX & Webflow Designer

UX & Webflow Designer

About Strive

In the real world when math is done by engineers or financial analysts they use computers and code yet in school students are still calculating by hand. Coding is the literacy of the 21st century and Strive is creating the content and platform to make math more joyful and actually applicable to the real world.

Strive Math (YC S21) offers a 1:1 tutoring product for 6-10th graders that teaches high school math through coding games and visualizations. For example, when students create the game pong they have to code how fast the ball moves and at what angle therefore concepts like speed and geometry come to life. They also learn coding at the same time.

Our vision is to replace STEM education in schools and universities globally through our unique pedagogy. Math, physics, biology and economics can all and should all be taught through code because that's how they are actually applied in industry.

About the contract

We are looking to re-design the Strive brand and landing page. This involves

  1. Coming up with the general aesthetic appearance for Strive.
  2. Helping design the flow and structure on our landing page.
  3. Helping design the copy on the landing page.
  4. Tracking analytics and getting customer feedback to iterate the design and landing page.

The website is being built in Webflow so you must have experience building Webflow landing pages.

We plan to use many sketches from https://p5js.org/ on the website, so experience with the library is a nice bonus.

The contract will start as a one-month engagement and can grow into a long term engagement and potentially a job offer.

To Apply

Email tamir@strivemath.com with

  • Your CV & Portfolio
  • Why you're interested in the contract
  • Your typical hourly rate,