Software Engineer JD


  • Develop standard operating procedures
  • Design, code and debug applications in different software languages
  • Liaise with colleagues to implement technical designs
  • Maintain and improve existing codebases
  • Provide written knowledge transfer material
  • Develop software solutions by studying information needs
  • Collaborate cross-functionally with the operations team, content creators and internal team
  • Analysis of software, code, requirements, system risks and software reliability
  • Software testing and quality assurance
  • With a global team, we are looking for strong team players with good communication skills

About Strive

Strive exists to make math education more meaningful and applicable to the real world. To equip students with the tools they need to lead meaningful and happy lives.

Strive Math teaches middle and high school math through code via live online 1-1 classes. We make math more fun and connected to the real world by having students code games, art and visualisations using code. Our mission is to make math fun and equip students with the skills they need to thrive in the 21st century. Strive is founded by Pulkit Agarwal Stanford GSB Allum and & ExPalantir and Tamir Shklaz, 3x startup founder & South African Entrepreneur of the Year (2019). We started seven months ago and, as of today, teach 60+ hours of classes a week to 30+ weekly active students. We're backed by YCombinator and Entrepreneur First.

The following video shows an example Strive lesson. This can also paint a picture for how it's like to teach a Strive module:



  • Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related technical discipline


  • Strong backend systems engineering experience. Experience with machine learning systems or data pipelines is a plus.
  • Knowledge of CS fundamentals, especially in algorithms and data structures.
  • Proficiency in Java or C++, and object-oriented design skills.
  • Be able to break down complex projects into small building blocks and explain those building blocks succinctly


  • Starts as a part-time job, and can convert to a full-time role
  • This position is remote and hours are flexible


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Application Process

  1. Initial application (1-2 minutes)
  2. Introduction call (15-30 minutes)
  3. Long coding project
  4. Longer interview (45-60 minutes)
  5. Final decision


Whatsapp us at +65 97331956