Math + Code Teacher | Full Time | YC Backed Startup

Math + Code Teacher | Full Time | YC Backed Startup

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Role | Teaching kids math through code via Zoom

  • You will be teaching Strive content to students in grades 4-10 through live online classes.
  • We build content that teaches math through code, we use to create visual interactive projects that teach a specific math and coding topic.
  • You will be given all the material required for each module beforehand.
  • As a teacher, your role will be to guide the students to write the code for the full project. This will require a lot of patience, empathy, and the skill of explaining math concepts.

Why you should apply

🌍 Work from anywhere in the world

🥇 Be a part of an education revolution, we’re one of the first and only companies in the world to teach math through code

👨‍🏫 Teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs out there, you’ll feel amazing empowering students and putting a smile on their faces.

🧠 Deepen your coding skills, you’ll master programming concepts by teaching them.

About Strive

Strive is the world's first coding class designed to empower kids to master math.

In live 1:1 lessons, students learn to code games and apps. Each project they build teaches a math concept taught at school. For example, students code games like Pong and by programming the balls’ position and speed they build a deep understanding of geometry and position.

  • We’re a remote-first company with teachers and employees from South Africa, Singapore, India, the USA, and the Philippines.
  • In the real world, engineers and financial analysts solve problems with code yet in school students are learning math the same way it was taught 100 years ago. Coding is the literacy of the 21st century and Strive is creating the content and platform to make math joyful and actually applicable to the real world.
  • We’re backed by funds like Goodwater Capital (Early investors in Facebook & Spotify) and angels like the president of MasterCard Asia and the Founder of Sequoia India.

Qualifications | Know how to code and be passionate about teaching

  • Must be able to code, or learn to code in JavaScript and Python
  • Strong mathematical foundation to teach Grade 4-10 math.
  • Need lots of patience and a passion for educating young kids
  • Have a strong internet connection


  • This is a full-time role that typically involves 8 hours of work per day, and 5 days a week
  • Availability on weekends is a must
  • Preferred Locations: India and South Africa only
  • Location: All classes are virtual


  • Competitive pay for your region


Fill in this form to apply (will take 2 minutes to complete)

The process 1. Initial application form (2 minutes) 2. Short teaching demo (5-15 minutes) 3. Interview (30 minutes) 4. Accepted into paid training (1-4 hours) 5. 👨‍🏫 Hired and teaching your first student

The whole process can take less than one week for solid applicants.


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