Full-stack Javascript Engineer (Junior to Intermediate) | YC Backed Startup

Full-stack Javascript Engineer (Junior to Intermediate) | YC Backed Startup

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Role | Ideate and build products end to end.

This role combines design, engineering, and product into one exciting position. Owing to this, passion and proficiencies in all these aspects characterize an ideal candidate.

As a Full-stack JS Engineer, you will be asked to:

  • Build and iterate products at Strive which helps us achieve product lead growth.
    • For example, you could build a social media platform for our students to share their coding projects.
  • Design and build landing pages.
  • Build the internal tools used to manage day-to-day operations, such as:
    • Scheduling system for booking classes between teachers, students, and parents (Our own custom ‘Calendly’)
    • Tutor-student matching engine. This system would investigate how to algorithmically match students to the right tutor.
  • Build the Strive Math learning platform where students will fall in love with math and coding.
  • Contribute to the math and coding content students are taught in class.

About Strive

Strive is an online coding school for kids (8-16). We help students start and commit to their coding journeys by making coding fun and exciting. We focus, above all else, on making the process of learning joyful.

  • Our mission is to make education more joyful and meaningful. We are starting with coding, but our goal is to redefine STEM education globally by creating the platform and content to teach math, science, and other subjects through coding.
  • We’re a remote-first company with teachers and employees from South Africa, Singapore, India, the USA, and the Philippines.
  • We’re a well-funded startup backed by YCombinator and early investors of Spotify and Facebook.

Requirements | You’re a full-stack rockstar who knows how to build and ship products end-to-end in a start up-like way.

  • Candidates ranging from new graduates to experienced engineers are welcome to apply.
  • You’re proficient in JavaScript; You’ve built websites in React and servers in NodeJS in the past.
  • You can build beautiful landing pages as well as understand and build deeply technical back-end systems.
  • You know how to test and build ideas in a start-up-like way end to end. The following tasks should excite you:
    • Interviewing users
    • Designing and building MVPs
    • Launching and marketing MVPs
    • Measuring the results and iterating.
  • You have a passion for math and coding education since you’ll be helping build the platform for our students to learn these two subjects.
  • You understand start-ups and can contribute to the high-level business and growth strategy of Strive and our tech strategy.
  • Growth mindset and ability to learn quickly.


  • You’ve started a start-up before.
  • Experience in EdTech, for example, building or integrating learning management systems
  • Fluency in p5.js

Who this job is not for

  • You only enjoy backend engineering, since there will be a lot of front-end.
  • You don’t enjoy speaking to customers.

Our Tech Stack

Front end: React, Tailwind, NextJS (All typescript)

Backend: A lot of no-code: Airtable, Integromat with plans to move to GraphQL and Retool.

Why us?

🌍 Work from anywhere in the world and on your own schedule.

🕐 Unlimited paid leave

🥇 Be a part of an education revolution, we’re one of the first and only companies in the world to teach math through code.

🌈 Grow with a highly passionate and diverse team from all over the world


  • Competitive rates in your region.
  • Equity is negotiable.


Application Process

For solid applicants, the whole process can take less than 2 weeks

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  1. Initial application (1-2 minutes)
  2. Video introduction (5-10 minutes)
  3. Short call (15-30 minutes)
  4. Technical interview (45-60 mins)
  5. Paid work trial (6 hours)
  6. Culture fit interview (45-60 mins)
  7. Final decision