Founding Full Stack Engineer | YC Backed Startup

Founding Full Stack Engineer | YC Backed Startup

About Strive

In the real world, when math is done by engineers or financial analysts, they use computers and code. Yet in school students are still calculating by hand. Coding is the literacy of the 21st century and Strive is creating the content and platform to make math more joyful and actually applicable to the real world.

Strive Math (YC S21) is a 1:1 tutoring service for 6–10th graders that teaches math through coding games and visualizations. For example, when students create the game "Pong", they bring algebra and geometry to life by determining how fast the ball moves and at what angle. They also learn coding at the same time.

Our vision is to replace STEM education in schools and universities globally through our unique pedagogy. Math, physics, biology, and economics should all be taught through code because that's how they are actually applied in industry.

We are a fully remote team consisting of 10+ employees/contractors from South Africa, Singapore, India, Egypt, the USA, and Europe.

About the role

We are looking for a rockstar Engineering Jack-of-all-trades who is passionate about education. As the Founding Engineer, you'll be involved in answering the question "How can we use tech to solve this?" for every single aspect of the company. For example:

  • How can we build an admin dashboard to manage back-office operations such as payments and scheduling?
  • How do we build a learning platform that students love?
  • How do we structure educational content into a database format and integrate it with a content management system?

This role combines design, engineering, and product and requires you to be passionate and proficient at all these aspects. Ideally, you have started a startup before or have experience taking a product from 0-1.

You will have full freedom and responsibility to run the projects. You can decide to code, or use off-the-shelf low-code tools. You can decide to hire a team of full-timers or work with contractors. You can design your own system or work with the team to wireframe it. You can add your own feature requests or even push back on feature requests by others.

You might be a fit if...

  1. You are a proficient full-stack developer
  2. You have a strong eye for design
  3. You are passionate about end to end product development, everything from the UX, to pricing, to complex backend logic
  4. You are passionate about education and making it more joyful


  1. You've started a startup before or have taken a product from 0-1 at a company or in your free time.
  2. Familiarity in our tech stack: NestJS, React, PSQL, GCP.
  3. Experience in EdTech, for example, building or integrating learning management systems
  4. Fluency in p5.js
  5. You're a hardcore math nerd

Our Tech Stack

React, Tailwind, NextJS (All typescript)

NestJS (NodeJS Framework), Prisma, GraphQL (All typescript)

PSQL and Google App Engine hosted on GCP.

Why us?

  1. You'd be working on something net new to the world. Very few people have tried and no one has successfully created the next generation of maths education: math through code.
  2. As the Founding Engineer, you'll influence the strategy, vision, and direction of the whole company.
  3. Joyful company culture: our mission is to bring joy back into education and we can only do that if we are joyful as a company, so having fun in our work is incredibly important to us.
  4. Fully remote, work from anywhere, work the times you want to work, unlimited paid leave. 🌎


  • Competitive senior software engineer salary in your area.
  • 0.1-3% equity

To Apply

Email the founder at

Tell us why you're interested in this role and any interesting information about you that's relevant to the job! Drop your GitHub or personal blog :) Typical process:

  • We respond to your email, if we think there is a good fit, we'll set up a 30 min video chat to get to know you
  • Do a take-home project or work with us on contract for a week or so
  • Hire decision