Entrepreneur in Residence Internship | YC Backed Startup

Entrepreneur in Residence Internship | YC Backed Startup

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About Strive Math

Strive is an online coding school for kids (8-16). We help students start and commit to their coding journeys by making coding fun and exciting. We focus, above all else, on making the process of learning joyful.

  • Our mission is to make education more joyful and meaningful. We are starting with coding, but our goal is to redefine STEM education globally by creating the platform and content to teach math, science, and other subjects through coding.
  • We’re a remote-first company with teachers and employees from South Africa, Singapore, India, the USA, and the Philippines.
  • We’re a well-funded startup backed by YCombinator and early investors of Spotify and Facebook.

Role | Feel like a member of the founding team using tech, marketing, and strategy to get s**t done

You’ll work closely with Strive’s CEO and CTO to manage or execute projects end to end across every department of the company. You’ll take initiative to improve existing products or processes at Strive or start your own initiatives from scratch. In essence, you’ll feel like a member of the founding team helping to manage and improve every aspect of Strive.

This is a very broad role touching tech, marketing, and HR so the following list should just give you an idea of the type of work you may do but is not exhaustive. (We will adapt the internship to your unique strength, so don’t worry if something here doesn't appeal to you)

  • Help with recruiting, interviewing, and managing Strive employees.
  • Run your own crazy marketing campaigns to drive more customers to Strive.
  • Improve the Strive student experience by working on improvements to our core product or creating your own.
  • Build websites/landing pages to test different strategies or ideas.
  • Work on strategic partnerships.
  • Speak to customers/run sales.

Requirements | The perfect job for a CS/Engineering student who is Entrepreneurial

  • Must be a university student or graduate.
  • Ability to code, you’ll be working with low code tools like zappier or building websites.
  • Ability to take initiative on your own ideas - ideally you have started your own startup/side project before.
  • Strong generalist, know how to code, design, speak and lead.
  • A confident and energetic speaker, you’ll be speaking to customers or potential partners.
  • You have a strong ability with words to get points across concisely and persuasively.
  • Growth mindset and ability to learn quickly.
  • You’re passionate about education and empowering students.

Why you should apply

🌍 Work from anywhere in the world and on your own schedule.

🧑‍🎓 10x your entrepreneurial journey by learning from YC backed serial founders

🥇 Be a part of an education revolution, we’re one of the first and only companies in the world to teach math through code.

🌈 Grow with a highly passionate team and diverse team from all over the world


  • The internship is available as both full time & part-time
  • Preferred Locations: South Africa, Asia/Singapore, Europe (Candidates who can support the GMT+2 to GMT+8 timezones are welcome.)


  • We’ll top the competitive rate for interns in your area.

Application Process

  1. Fill in this form (2-5 mins)
  2. Record an introduction video of yourself (5-10 mins)
  3. Interview (45 mins)
  4. Take-home project
  5. Final decision

For solid applicants, the whole process can take less than 2 weeks.