Community Manager Intern JD


We are looking for an enthusiastic Community Manager Intern to help us in building a strong Strive community. You will be an integral part of the development and execution of community building plans for the employees, teachers and students of Strive.

This is a very broad role with many responsibilities, thus you will get a wide exposure to the entire business. Here are some example tasks you may be doing.

  • Explore new ways to engage the different communities in Strive.
  • Organise various community building initiatives to cultivate and grow participation in community forums
  • Monitoring and optimising community engagement levels

About Strive

Strive exists to make math education more meaningful and applicable to the real world. To equip students with the tools they need to lead meaningful and happy lives.

Strive Math teaches middle and high school math through code via live online 1-1 classes. We make math more fun and connected to the real world by having students code games, art and visualisations using code. Our mission is to make math fun and equip students with the skills they need to thrive in the 21st century. Strive is founded by Pulkit Agarwal Stanford GSB Allum and & ExPalantir and Tamir Shklaz, 3x startup founder & South African Entrepreneur of the Year (2019). We started seven months ago and, as of today, teach 60+ hours of classes a week to 30+ weekly active students. We're backed by YCombinator and Entrepreneur First.


  • Must be a University Student or Graduate


  • Positive attitude and willingness to learn.
  • Possesses strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Able to work independently and collaboratively in a team.
  • Strong project management and organisational skills.
  • Are a people person and are able to empathise and build rapport with others easily.


  • Full-time role to start immediately for 1-month minimum to 1-year maximum.
  • The role is a remote role for all countries worldwide.


  • Competitive rates for community manager interns in your region.


Application Process

Fill out the application form above

  1. Initial application (1-2 minutes)
  2. Short project (10-20 minutes)
  3. Short call (15-30 minutes)
  4. Long call (30-45 minutes)
  5. Final decision


Whatsapp us at +65 9733 1956