B2C Chief Marketing Officer/Head of Growth | YC Backed Startup

B2C Chief Marketing Officer/Head of Growth | YC Backed Startup

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Role | Strategise and execute all digital growth projects at Strive.

This role requires you to zoom out and strategize our long-term growth strategy as well as be able to zoom in and create social media content, call customers, and execute other day-to-day marketing activities.

Other tasks within this position ask you to:

  • Run our user-generated content engine: Our students code amazing projects and we convert them into videos like these. You’ll be responsible for running and improving this engine.
  • Helping us define our ideal customer segment, our ideal marketing channel, and the way we define our value propositions given that customer segment and marketing channel.
  • Run all of our digital marketing by (among other tasks):
    • Helping us create organic content
    • Assisting us to set up Google, Facebook and LinkedIn Ads
  • Grow and lead our sales and marketing team.
    • Delegate responsibilities
    • Formulate plans of action
    • Work alongside a dynamic team to get tasks done
  • Develop strategies to build our word-of-mouth growth.
  • Strategize and sustain partnerships.
  • Create special content especially for Strive, such as:
    • Videos
    • Blog posts
    • Graphics

About Strive

Strive is an online coding school for kids (8-16). We help students start and commit to their coding journeys by making coding fun and exciting. We focus, above all else, on making the process of learning joyful.

  • Our mission is to make education more joyful and meaningful. We are starting with coding, but our goal is to redefine STEM education globally by creating the platform and content to teach math, science, and other subjects through coding.
  • We’re a remote-first company with teachers and employees from South Africa, Singapore, India, the USA, and the Philippines.
  • We’re a well-funded startup backed by YCombinator and early investors of Spotify and Facebook.

Requirements | You know how to take B2C startups from 10-to 1000 through viral organic digital marketing.

  • 2+ years of experience in growth/marketing at startups.
  • You understand how B2C startup growth works.
  • You’ve managed social media profiles before and ideally have grown them substantially.
  • You can create exceptional content through video editing, graphic design, and writing.
    • Ideally, you are able to edit videos and create graphics on your own. If not, you need to be able to find and manage a team that can.
  • A confident and energetic speaker, since you’ll be speaking to customers and potential partners.
  • You know how to hire and manage a marketing team.
  • Growth mindset and ability to learn quickly.
  • You’re passionate about education and empowering students.


  • Experience in paid ads.
  • Experience in EdTech marketing/growth.
  • You know how to code.

Who this job is not for

  • High-level managers who can’t get their hands dirty with day-to-day work. You’ll be expected to execute as well as strategize.
  • You’re in the startup game for a quick exit- you should be excited by and aligned with our mission to revolutionize math education.

Why you should apply

🌍 Work from anywhere in the world and on your own schedule.

🕐 Unlimited paid leave

🥇 Be a part of an education revolution, we’re one of the first and only companies in the world to teach math through code.

🌈 Grow with a highly passionate and diverse team from all over the world


  • The role is available for both full time & part-time
  • This a remote role.
  • Preferred Locations: South Africa, Asia/Singapore, Europe (Candidates who can support the GMT+2 to GMT+8 timezones are welcome.)
  • Candidates from the US are welcome but must be willing to relocate to the GMT+2 to GMT+8 region.


  • Competitive rates in your region.
  • A substantial equity package.


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Application Process

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  1. Initial application (1-2 minutes)
  2. Video introduction (5-10 minutes)
  3. Short call (15-30 minutes)
  4. Skills-based interview (45-60 mins)
  5. Paid work trial (6 hours)
  6. Culture fit interview (45-60 mins)
  7. Final decision


Whatsapp us at +65 9733 1956