Intermediate-Senior JavaScript Developer

Intermediate-Senior JavaScript Developer


  • Full-stack engineer working on everything from ideation, design and implementation.
  • 2+ years of experience required.
  • YC Backed Company, fully remote, unlimited paid leave.
  • We're mission-driven to make math education more joyful and meaningful.

About Strive

About The Role

We are looking for a full-stack JavaScript engineer who is product-focused. You'll be working on all aspects of Strive's tech stack from our backend Retool admin dashboard, to our landing page, front end student dashboard and teacher dashboard. You'll be responsible for the full development lifecycle from ideation, design, implementation getting customer feedback and iterating, so a love for product development is a must.

Here are a few examples of work you may do.

  • Build a front end react app for Strive students to see all their coding projects and share with their friends.
  • Build a retool app or deploy cloud functions to help manage customer payments and subscriptions.
  • Create a workflow using cloud functions and zapier that will send a WhatsApp message to parents with feedback on how their child did in the class.
  • Ideate and test your own ideas to hep
    • Students learn how to code better.
    • Increase parent engagement.
    • Optimise our customer onboarding process.

This is not a comprehensive list, but just to give you an idea of the wide scope of work you'd be expected to do.


  • 2+ years of experience in JavaScript development
  • You are passionate about end to end product development, going from idea to finished product and then iterating and improving.
  • You are passionate about education and making it more joyful.
  • Independent and self-driven: We're a fully remote company so you'll need to take ownership of your work.


  1. You've started a startup before or have taken a product from 0-1 at a company or in your free time.
  2. Familiarity in our tech stack: NestJS, React, PSQL, GCP.
  3. Experience in EdTech, for example, building or integrating learning management systems
  4. Fluency in p5.js
  5. You're a hardcore math nerd

Our Tech Stack

React, Tailwind, NextJS (All typescript)

NestJS (NodeJS Framework), Prisma, GraphQL (All typescript)

PSQL and Google App Engine hosted on GCP.

Why us?

  1. You'd be working on something net new to the world. Very few people have tried and no one has successfully created the next generation of maths education: math through code.
  2. As the Founding Engineer, you'll influence the strategy, vision, and direction of the whole company.
  3. Joyful company culture: our mission is to bring joy back into education and we can only do that if we are joyful as a company, so having fun in our work is incredibly important to us.
  4. Fully remote, work from anywhere, work the times you want to work, unlimited paid leave. 🌎


  • We'll top the competitive market rates for intermediate to senior engineers.