Head of Marketing & Sales | Strive Internship Opportunity - ASEAN

Head of Marketing & Sales | Strive Internship Opportunity - ASEAN

About Strive

Strive https://www.strivemath.com/ teaches a revolutionary new approach to math education, by teaching math through code. We take the grade 7-12 math syllabus and create fun and inspirational coding projects with P5JS. We do 1-1 live online classes via zoom where we guide students step by step through creating a particular project.

Strive exists to make math education more meaningful and applicable to the real world. To equip students with the tools they need to lead meaningful and happy lives.

We are a new startup lead by young and energetic entrepreneurs.

The team consists of 15 global team members from Singapore, South Africa, Egypt, India and the USA.


This role entails overseeing all aspects of the Strive marketing and sales engine. You'll come up with marketing strategies, design the content, execute delivery on digital and physical channels and lastly, communicate with customers to close deals.

You will also be expected to learn and adapt to the high paced environment that startups demand. You'll be taking on challenges typically reserved for high-level executives at larger companies.

Typical activities may look like this:

  • Creating marketing strategies.
  • Creating content and creative for marketing strategies.
  • Speaking to customers through the entire sales pipeline.
  • Creating partnerships with other brands or organisations.


  • A passion for education and Strive's vision for it's future.
  • Phenomenal communication skills. Should be able to confidently cold-call customers and close deals.
  • Learns fast, you will be expected to quickly learn about new technologies and how the company works.
  • Good eye for design. Should be proficient at Canva/Photoshop/Illustrator.
  • Bonus: experience working for tutoring agencies
  • Bonus: Familiar with software like Notion & Airtable


  • This is a full time internship during your university holidays.
  • Only available to students in the ASEAN region
  • We are completely remote so you can work from anywhere. However, we will work together 2-3 days a week.
  • $500-$1500 monthly stipend depending on skill and time availability.

Application Process

  1. Initial application (1-2 minutes)
  2. Longer written application (10-20 minutes)
  3. Introduction call (15-30 minutes)
  4. Longer interview (45-60 minutes)
  5. Final decision



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