flowchart LR
    style A fill:#37bf19, stroke:#37bf19
		style B fill:#37bf19, stroke:#37bf19
		style C fill:#f79e45, stroke:#FFA500
		style D stroke:#6495ED
		style E stroke:#6495ED

    A((Module 7.01)) --> B((Module 7.02))
    B --> C((Module 7.03))
    C --> D((Module 7.04))
		D --> E((Module 7.05))

		click A "https://www.notion.so/strivemath/4-01-6f9582a7a67b447c955ade729d6fc9d1"
		click B "https://www.notion.so/strivemath/4-02-f0a6af78f5aa4c32953aef1882f7c3aa"
		click C "https://www.notion.so/strivemath/4-03-5e201e31618649f28a55bf0dd76d7796"
		click D "https://www.notion.so/strivemath/4-04-81ac546f86a14fcb99ee8ad22cf595d4"
		click E "https://www.notion.so/strivemath/4-05-5964f8906eca4e0196d3111b0d191f85"

Level 3: Compounding Conditions to Save Soapy 🧼 You can protect Soapy 🧼 with compounded commands. By fulfilling these compounded conditions, you can navigate Soapy away from danger 🦠 and maintain safety.
SET a and b to the correct range of x values. then CLICK on the slice button to see if you’re right! The inequalities at work are x>a AND x<b at the same time