Sovereign Coding Workshop

Sovereign Coding Workshop

flowchart LR
    style A fill:#f79e45, stroke:#FFA500
    style B stroke:#6495ED
		style C stroke:#6495ED
		style D stroke:#6495ED
		style E stroke:#6495ED

    A((Module 7.01)) --> B((Module 7.02))
    B --> C((Module 7.03))
    C --> D((Module 7.04))
		D --> E((Module 7.05)) 

		click A ""
		click B ""
		click C ""
		click D ""
		click E ""


This is Soapy 🧼. He is in an intense Fall Guys Battle with the Germs 🦠. Your task here is to choose an appropriate value for the variable "a", so that the platform gets sliced and ALL the Germs 🦠 fall off. Make sure Soapy 🧼 stays on the platform.
SET xLessThan to the correct x value. then CLICK on the slice button to see if you’re right! The inequality at work is x <= a

Code Area:


Module 4: Fall Guys: Inequalities