Parent FAQs

Parent FAQs

Class Cancellation & Rescheduling

Is there a penalty for class cancellation or rescheduling?
How do I reschedule a class?
Is there a penalty for being late to class or missing a class without notice?
My kid will not be able to attend the class on a certain date(s). What should I do?


Is Strive package a subscription service, and will it automatically renew once the hours have been used up?
I do not want to go on auto renewal, can I opt for manual?
How can I monitor the payment?
How will I know when is the next payment and the last paid class?
When will the payment deduction happened?
Can I request for receipts?

About Change in Schedule

The current class schedule couldn’t work with my kid anymore, can I request a change in schedule?


Where can I see my kid’s work or projects that he or she has done?
Will there be any certificates given upon completing a chapter? How can I learn my kid’s learning milestone?
I would like my kid(s) to utilise their time during the holidays. Does Strive runs holiday bootcamp?
I have a friend that would want to sign up for Strive’s classes, do I get a referral commission?