Private Math Tuition
Private Math Tuition

Private Math Tuition

Strive Education offers Private Math Tuition lessons exclusively for middle school students of international schools in Singapore. All classes are conducted online, via 1-1 classes. Each class is tailored to your child’s level and learning style, thus ensuring maximal impact on student learning outcomes


We follow the child’s school’s curriculum. Strive has taught students from all international schools in Singapore; primarily from SAS and UWC. We already have access to all these school’s math curriculum and have created lesson plans that use the same teaching style and terminology.

When a child joins Strive, we request access to any worksheets and tests the child has completed. We then create lessons and questions that specifically target student misconceptions demonstrated in those worksheets and tests.

Once a child has mastered the current fundamentals, we offer them a chance to get a head start and move ahead of their school’s pace. We follow the future grade’s curriculum and teach math concepts before the students encounter them at schools.

Teaching Methodology

Strive teaches math holistically to ensure deep conceptual understand that lasts for a long time. Most importantly, we aim to get the student emotionally engaged with the “why” of mathematics and the “joy of learning.” Once a student is asking “why” themselves, teaching becomes far more effective. Similarly, if a child is “looking forward” to a class, teaching becomes far more effective.

  • Theory: We ensure students understands the fundamental logic, not just rote memorization
  • Practice: Worksheets and question drills are used to ensure a lasting memory
  • Real World Application: Students use code to see the mathematics applied in computer games and simulations
  • Fun: Energetic teachers are more like mentors and friends that make the student want to be there


Grades Covered: Grade 5 to Grade 8 (Age: 10 to 14)

Price (SGD): $80 / hr

Lesson Package : 8 Lesson packages (640 SGD)

Refundability: Any unused hours will be refunded

Cancellations & Flexibility: Classes can be cancelled and changed with at least 4 hour prior notice

Getting Started

Speak with a math teacher. Use this link to request a teacher to contact you: am interested in the math classes

In this call, the teacher will ask you a few questions to get a better understanding of your child. Accordingly the teacher will set up a learning journey that is customized for your child. You can also speak with the teacher directly to figure out a schedule for the classes.