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Morgie aka Morgan


Simon aka SimonSays

Welcome to The Mavericks, where we embrace our individuality and challenge the status quo. We are a group of free thinkers, innovators, and trailblazers who are not afraid to take risks and push boundaries. Our passion for adventure and exploration drives us to constantly seek new experiences and opportunities. Join us on our journey to break free from the norm and carve our own path to success.


John had always been a hardworking man, but he had never been wealthy. He had worked long hours at a factory to provide for his family, and he had never complained. But when he was diagnosed with glutenopholianamaderia, he knew that he was in trouble. The doctors explained that the illness was easily curable, but the treatment was expensive. John did not have the money to pay for it, and he knew that he would not be able to afford it. He tried to remain positive, but he knew that his time was running out. As the days went by, John's condition worsened. He was in constant pain, and he could barely breathe. His family and friends tried to help, but they were also struggling to make ends meet. They could not afford the treatment that John needed, and they felt helpless. One day, as John lay in his bed, he felt a strange sensation come over him. He felt as though he was floating, weightless and free. Suddenly, he saw a mysterious man standing before him. The man was dressed in white robes and had a kind, gentle face. "John," the man said, "it's time to go." John felt a sense of peace wash over him. He knew that he was dying, but he was not afraid. He looked up at the mysterious man and smiled. "Thank you," John said. "Thank you for coming for me." The man took John's hand, and together they ascended to heaven. John felt a sense of joy and wonder as he soared through the clouds, leaving behind the pain and suffering of his earthly life. As he entered the gates of heaven, John saw a vision of his family and friends. They were all gathered together, smiling and happy. John knew that they would miss him, but he also knew that he had left behind a legacy of love and kindness that would live on long after he was gone. In heaven, John was free from pain and suffering. He was surrounded by love and light, and he knew that he was home. He looked up at the mysterious man and smiled. "Thank you," John said. "Thank you for showing me the way." The man smiled back at John and said, "You are welcome, my friend. Rest now, and know that you are loved." And with that, John closed his eyes and drifted off into eternal peace.


Suddenly, he saw a mysterious man standing before


Prompts used

write a story about a man that died at the age of 79 due to a mysterious illness named glutenopholianamaderia which blocks the bloodflow to the heart and when he passed he saw a mysterious man and then ascended to heaven

give me an painting made in davinci's style of art of a person ascending to heaven

davinci style old man hospital laying on a bed