Clock 9.02: Make Arc Move


The arc should move every second! After 60 seconds, it should form a full circle and repeat.

Hint: seconds = second() will count the number of seconds secondsAngle will calculate what angle the arc should be at, at the given second. To calculate, use this: secondsAngle = -seconds * (angle of circle / number of seconds)

Code Area


	style A fill:#37bf19, stroke:#37bf19
	style B fill:#f79e45, stroke:#f79e45
	style C stroke:#6495ED
	style D stroke:#6495ED
	style E stroke:#6495ED
	A((Module 9.01)) --> B((Module 9.02))
	B --> C((Module 9.03))
	C --> D((Module 9.04))
	D --> E((Module 9.05))

	click A ""
	click B ""
	click C ""
	click D ""
	click E ""
	subgraph Learning
	A & B & C & D & E

	subgraph Clock

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