Level 2 - Foundations Syllabus

Level 2 - Foundations Syllabus

🗺️ Learning Map | The Coding Learning Outcomes of The Course

  • Each student gets a map like the one below to track their progress through the syllabus.
  • These learning outcomes form the fundamentals of any future study in computer science.


🧭 Guided Projects | Projects Done In Class With a Teacher.

Students create their own journey to mastering Foundations by choosing from 70+ projects.

⚔️ Code Quests | Test Projects to Illustrate Mastery of The Unit

To prove mastery of a topic, students will complete “Code Quests”, a project they will do for homework or with minimal teacher guidance during class.

💪 Challenges | Small Homework Projects to Help Students Practice Specific Topics

Students have access to 50+ projects to help them practice specific topics outside of class.