Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Policy is a set of guidelines and procedures implemented to ensure the safety and well-being of children. It aims to prevent and respond to any form of abuse, neglect, or exploitation of children within an organization or community.

The policy outlines the responsibilities of all staff members, volunteers, and stakeholders in creating a safe environment for children. It includes guidelines for identifying and reporting suspected cases of abuse, implementing appropriate preventive measures, and providing support and resources for children who may be at risk.

Strive Math’s Policy for Safeguarding Children

Strive Math is committed to safeguarding and protecting students from harm. We believe that every child and young person, regardless of age, has at all times and in all situations a right to feel safe and protected.

It is Strive Math’s policy to create and proactively maintain an environment that aims to prevent and deter any actions and omissions, whether deliberate or inadvertent, that place children at risk of any kind of child abuse. Strive Math pursues this through awareness, good practice, and training, to minimize the risks to children and to take positive steps to help protect children who are the subject of any concerns.

Related Procedures and Practices

Professional and Personal Conduct of Staff Strive has a duty to ensure that professional behaviour applies to relationships between staff and children, and that all members of staff are clear about what constitutes appropriate behaviour and professional boundaries. The Strive onboarding process includes communication of expectations of adult behaviour around children and young people. Record Keeping Any files related to student safeguarding should be entered and stored on the secure, digital record-keeping system managed by the Strive. Chief Executives are responsible for ensuring all documents are complete and factual. When entering case notes, staff should be careful to distinguish between facts and professional judgment, and to ensure that a clear rationale is provided for all professional judgments. Case files pertaining to safeguarding allegations against Strive staff, volunteers, or partner organisations will be kept as password protected digital files and stored securely. Background Checks

We require all staff to disclose any reason that may affect their suitability to work with children including convictions, cautions, court orders, reprimands, and warnings.

Staff who work on school campuses with children undergo background checks from an external provider. These checks ensure that Strive employs staff that are approved to work with children.

Informing Parents

Parents are normally the first point of contact. We discuss concerns with parents to gain their view of events unless we feel this may put the child in greater danger.

  • We inform parents when we make a record of concerns in their child’s file and that we also make a note of any discussion we have with them regarding a concern.
  • If a suspicion of abuse warrants referral to social care, parents are informed at the same time that the referral will be made, except where the guidance of the Hampshire Safeguarding Children Partnership does not allow this, for example, where it is believed that the child may be placed in greater danger.
  • This will usually be the case where the parent is the likely abuser. In these cases the social workers will inform parents.