Parent Handbook for navigating AI

Parent Handbook for navigating AI

Understanding AI and coding are key to empowering our children with the skills to engage meaningfully and creatively with technology. These tools are already impossible to ignore around us and the speed of innovation is only increasing. As parents, there are so many questions that come up when we think about how to best prepare our children for the uncertainty of what’s to come.

We want to explore these questions with you, fellow parents, and figure out together the “handbook” for navigating AI.

What AI tools are appropriate to use for schoolwork?
What new careers might be available for students graduating into an AI world?
What skillsets should we focus on when information is free and AI is at our fingertips?
What can I do to protect my child’s data when working with these apps?
How can I ensure my child doesn’t become dependent on using AI to do their work?

We are crowdsourcing and researching answers to these questions from a variety of child safety, AI Innovation, and future of work experts. We would love to hear from you as we put together this handbook. What are the most pressing questions on your mind as a parent raising a child in this AI-filled world?