Invite Expert Speaker

Invite Expert Speaker

We are happy to come speak at an event about AI and its role in education. Below is a template description for the event and the speaker. We have spoken at many such events in the past including a talk at the American Club:

ChatGPT and Education: How AI is Revolutionizing Learning

McKinsey predicts that 375 million jobs will be displaced by automation and AI by 2030. Many of the jobs that today’s kids will be doing in the future don’t exist yet. Furthermore, the advancements of AI is starting to fundamentally change many aspects of education, such as personalized learning, challenging current assessment models, student engagement and administrative tasks.

These ideas are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how we need to adapt our kids’ education and equip them with the tools to not only survive but thrive in the 21st century. But how? Should all kids learn to code AI? What can schools do? What other resources are available to you as parents? What advice is accurate and trustworthy, and what information should parents ignore? These are the questions Pulkit Agarwal, Stanford Alumni and CEO of Strive, will grapple with in this event.

About Pulkit Agarwal and Strive

Pulkit Agarwal,, is the CEO of Strive and a visionary in the field of Education and AI. Strive is a Silicon Valley VC-backed education company aimed at increasing technical literacy amongst international school students in Asia. Strive students have used AI to create a voice activate snake game, a webcam-controlled driving game where the car’s direction is controlled by moving your hand either left or right in the video, and many other such games and apps. Strive has also created its own coding editor and integrated Chat GPT directly into it, allowing students to get in-the-moment support from an AI. Strive’s advisors include a Computer Science and AI professor who has taught at MIT, Harvard and Stanford!

Pulkit has a distinguished career and academic background. Prior to Stanford, Pulkit was a Data Scientist at Palantir, which IPO’ed in 2020 for US$15 Billion. At Palantir, he used AI to fight credit card fraud on the dark web. He also bootstrapped the world’s first Blockchain Recruiting agency back in 2015, before cryptocurrencies took the world by storm, and amassed quite a bit of wealth for himself. He was one of the youngest to ever graduate from Stanford University with an MBA at the age of 25. Business Insider identified him as one of the “five rising stars from the Stanford Graduate School of Business’ class of 2020”. He also graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology at the top of his class with a perfect 4.0 GPA, earning the award of Engineer of the Year. In his youth, he was labeled a child prodigy, finishing high school at the early age of 16.