AI Workshop: Solve Creative Challenges with the Latest AI Tools

AI Workshop: Solve Creative Challenges with the Latest AI Tools

Below is a template for an event that we can host for your community. Feel free to copy paste, or reach out to us and we can host it for you. Here is an example event we’re hosting:

If we pair the most creative population on Earth, kids, with the most powerful generative AI tools, can we solve the world's hardest problems: The UN Sustainability Development Goals?

Students will learn

Chat GPT is not the only AI tool! Students will be early adopters to the variety of AI tools that exist today. Our workshops will include tools such as:

Sessions will include discussions around

  • What is AI and how does it work?
  • Can AI be creative?
  • The power of programming!
  • Why is it important to use technology in a mindful way?

The power of AI can enable students to complete any of these examples within a few hours! The question is: Do you know HOW to use the tools and are you creative enough to envision the outcome:

  • Use Chat PGT to write and publish a 100 page novel about a child who escapes a war zone to increase awareness of war's impact on a society
  • Use to release an iOS app that sends you a new notification every day with a fact about world water usage
  • Use to create an Instagram account with infographics depicting gender equality in the world
  • Use to launch a Youtube Channel with videos that promote donations and support for the malnourished
  • ... the list is endless

To win

Student submissions will be scored and evaluated by a panel of experts including Stanford University Alumni, AI developers, and Tech Startup Founders. 100s of awards can be won by students that participate.

Who is this for?

  • 9 - 16 year olds who
    • No previous coding experience is needed
    • Love being challenged 💪
    • Curious about Artificial Intelligence and want to know more 🤓
    • Eager to play with some of the coolest new technologies 🤖
    • Interested in learning how AI can supercharge their imagination 🎨

And by the end you'll have:

  • peers interested in AI
  • a start to an AI project you’re interested in pursuing
  • access to a whole toolbox of new generative AI tools
  • ways to analyze and determine trustworthiness of output

No previous coding experience necessary, our teachers are excited to guide you.