After School AI Program

After School AI Program

🎯 After School Program Outcomes

  • Find likeminded peers who are also interested in AI
  • Kickstart your AI project
  • Learn about AI careers, use cases, and ventures
  • College prep

Throughout the program, students will explore applications, foundational AI concepts, and develop AI programming skills.


DAILY APPLICATIONS We will start each day with a session on applications. E.g. “How does Alexa work?”, “How can AI be applied at Hospitals?”, “How can AI improve the environment?”


BUILDING INTUITION We will cover the conceptual intuition and some math behind important Machine Learning algorithms. Examples include Neural Networks, Decision Trees, Logistic Regression.


PYTHON SKILLS We will guide students to implement mini-projects using Python. E.g. Classifying cells as cancerous or healthy, classifying restaurant reviews as positive or negative.

Examples of Projects Students May Work on

  • Healthcare: using computer vision to diagnose patients based on medical scans such as X-rays.
  • Sustainability: using AI to efficiently place energy creating sources (wind, solar, gas) across a country to maximize coverage.
  • Finance: using machine learning to predict returns of portfolios and create optimal combinations of assets.