Strive Statistics and Figures

Strive Statistics and Figures

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Financials & Metrics


Classes taught: 250+ Classes, 300+ hours of lessons

December Sales Funnel


Wix Stats for December


Average Customer Lifetime Value = $833 and Growing


Student Feedback

How much did you enjoy the lesson - Average: 4.46

How much did you learn - Average: 4.75


Financial Details from our Xero Dashboard

  • In November we were tutoring for SAT, IB and O-Levels, so the revenue is for that, and that is NOT included in the 40k of revenue shown above
  • December was the first time we tried our Strive classes and had 33 students sign up. Tamir and I taught all those classes, so we had $18k of revenue and 0 costs
  • In Jan we spent time to build the version 2 of our modules, so we took on 4 kids, so that we can test iteratively with them
  • In Feb we hired our first 2 teachers and took on more kids and assigned them to our teachers. We spent this month figuring out our teacher operations: training, onboarding, processes etc..
  • In March we had 4 teachers, 24 active monthly recurring students and all our classes were being done by teachers!
  • In April we want to have 10 teachers, our content team is full and has 4 people already, and we need to hire a full time operations person to manage scheduling and parent communication.
  • The Jan and March expenses include a $4k salary to each founder.

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