Strive March Bootcamp

Strive March Bootcamp

Strive teaches math through code. We take a fundamentally different approach to coding and math education by combining the two worlds into 90-minute long classes packed with fun projects brain teasers and real-world math and code applications.

Strive is running a 5 class bootcamp between March 15-April 15. These will be 1-1 classes taught through zoom with an Expert Strive tutor.


Register Now

Message us on WhatsApp (+65 9782 1517) and let us know you are interested in registering.

When Is The Boot Camp?

  • Sessions will happen during the March Holidays from March 15th to April 15th.
  • We will coordinate with you to schedule 5 days during your child's holiday

There are three available time slots

  1. Morning slot: 10am SGT
  2. Afternoon slot: 1pm SGT
  3. Late afternoon slot: 3pm SGT

How Much Does It Cost?

The boot camp costs $600 (SGD) however we are running an early bird special for $550 if you signup before March 1st.

What Do Students Learn?


You can see an example lesson in the video bellow:

Students learn real-world problem solving by solving traditional math problems they see at school through computer programming. In the process, they deepen their understanding of the math concepts taught at school while learning the most valuable skill for the 21st century: code. Each project is adapted to revise and deepen a particular math concept students learn at school

Each class, a student, is given a coding project that they need to build, and we teach the required coding and math to create the project. This project is then added to the student's Strive Profile where students can see their past projects and share them with friends and family. Their Strive Profile can act as their coding portfolio/CV which can be used for job and university applications.



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